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Professional Leadership Institute

"I was so impressed with the RISE training presented to our staff by Ms. Renika Atkins! Renika gave us wonderful resources for our students, but more importantly, she taught us helping strategies for working with former foster care students so that we can make sure we are empowering them and not enabling them. Being a former foster youth herself, Renika has first-hand experience with how to overcome the odds and develop resilience, so I really respected what she had to say."

- Christine Norton PhD, LCSW


Texas State Board of Social Work Examiners

CE Provider

The bottom line...

that I got out of it is to treat each person you meet with dignity and respect, recognize them as individuals and don’t prejudge and to set boundaries. These tenets are wise and increase your effectiveness. I was also extremely impressed that she delineated what resources are available in the great San Marcos community. I highly recommend Renika Atkins as a knowledgeable, compassionate and highly competent professional.

- Burel Ford Tx State University

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